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If You've Ever Loved A Dog

Love Stories From the Front Lines

By Dr. Vera Heidolph

Have you ever experienced the love of man’s best friend?

If the pitter patter of four furry feet makes your heart skip a beat, If You’ve Ever Loved a Dog will resonate with you. The four-legged stars may make you laugh or cry, but they will all make you fall in love with them. From hounds to Holsteins, each heart-warming veterinary vignette inspires readers to root for hairy or hoofed heroes no matter how much they misbehave, test our patience, or bend the laws of science.

These true stories of a veterinarian’s journey will transport the reader into a world where hopes and dreams are fulfilled, medical miracles are possible, challenging surgeries are performed, and individuals are willing to go to the ends of the earth in their quest to save these deserving animals. Enjoy a front row seat on a roller coaster ride through the trials and tribulations of life in the trenches, while rekindling that joyous, cozy feeling of loving a dog.